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People heard there was sex out there in "cyberspace"—the online equivalent of porn hidden somewhere in the woods—but they weren't always quite sure how to find it.

Naturally, a "user's guide" emerged; while also quoting Winston Churchill in its forward.

Unlike websites or forums where the object of advertisements is to arrange a physical meeting that may lead to real sex, these markets are entirely virtual.

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There are platforms that provide access to a worldwide list of performers in different time zones, allowing webmasters to have performers available around the clock.

(The Live Jasmin site claims to have 31,315 “girls” and 8,921 “boys” on its books, with several hundred online at any one time.) The platform operators deduct a substantial part of the takings, paying 30% to the webmaster.

The report, however, recommended that Philippine authorities increase efforts in investigating and prosecuting officials involved in trafficking.

The Philippines, according to Inocencio, has the most stringent law against trafficking in the world.

"They have been violated at a very tender age and hence are unable to set healthy boundaries with members of the opposite sex.