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This happiness is not maintained for very long, however - Greene's daughter Rachel (from his marriage to Jen) has by now grown from a nice child into a troublesome teenager.

After falling out with Jen, Rachel moves in with Greene, Corday and baby Ella.

Greene is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, but is given hope of a reprieve though, when Greene finds a surgeon in New York who can remove the tumor.

Corday accompanies Greene to New York City and is present in the operating room for the procedure, by his side all the time.

In season 6, Corday saves the life of serial rapist and killer who starts to engage her in a series of mind games.

When a victim's family wants to learn of their daughter's body's location, the killer manipulates Corday into euthanizing him in exchange for the location.

Anna del Amico; and later on Abby Lockhart and Susan Lewis.