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Greene is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, but is given hope of a reprieve though, when Greene finds a surgeon in New York who can remove the tumor.Corday accompanies Greene to New York City and is present in the operating room for the procedure, by his side all the time.This is a particularly trying time for her - she has to adjust to being at the bottom of the heap after enjoying so long at the top, and on top of that she is supervised initially by Dale Edson - described even by Romano as a weasel.

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Fortunately, this doesn't put her off her stride, and she uses it to campaign for better conditions for junior medical staff.

She also amicably ends her romantic relationship with Peter after that (while Eriq La Salle requested the relationship be written out saying: "As an African-American man, it becomes a bit offensive if the negative things are all you're showing.

In season 6, Corday saves the life of serial rapist and killer who starts to engage her in a series of mind games.

When a victim's family wants to learn of their daughter's body's location, the killer manipulates Corday into euthanizing him in exchange for the location.

This happiness is not maintained for very long, however - Greene's daughter Rachel (from his marriage to Jen) has by now grown from a nice child into a troublesome teenager.

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