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The problem is, Masato and Chihiro live in different cities -- and they've been maintaining their relationship only by phone.

One fateful day, Masato bumps into a leggy young woman named Rei.

Rick: It's like that old song, "blomp blomp-a noop noop a-noop noop noop".

But your individual health depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of healthcare in your community, as well as the lifestyle choices you make each day.

Not only that, he breaks an important date with Chihiro so he can screw around with Rei -- all the while repeating "I'm in love with Chihiro" to himself like a mantra. When Masato sees Chihiro walking and talking with another guy, he goes off the deep end and immediately concludes she's a no-good slut who's probably slept with half the town.

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    That does mean more demands on his time but that is the reality of parenting and dating.

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    No matter how creative you are, it's hard to come up with killer date ideas on a regular basis.

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