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Create or update your privacy statement to explain what personal data you collect and what it is used for in a brief and readable way.Don’t just copy and paste one; make sure that it is tailored to your business and the data you hold.How will you verify their identity and fulfil the request?

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Make sure that when the plugin is removed, all the data is purged.

Implement access via Word Press user roles: subscribers shouldn’t be allowed to view form data, for example. I contacted the developers behind Akismet and asked what happens to personal data when it checks Word Press comments for spam.

This might involve techniques like encryption, anonymization and access control.

Any personal data breaches which would significantly harm individuals must be reported within 72 hours to the “relevant supervisory authority”. If the breach is serious enough, you’ll also need to tell the individuals affected.

Look for ways to minimize the collection of personal information. Avoid creating forms like this asking for a lot of data without making it clear what it’s used for.

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