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All personal data processing must have a legal justification. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for all data protection activities.A DPO could be within an organisation or externally appointed.For example: The GDPR refers a lot to data processing.

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Chris from Automattic replied: “The only information sent to Akismet when a comment is tested for spam is information that the commenter provided: their name, email address, site URL, and comment (plus other non-personal information like the current time, etc.).

This information is not transferred to any non-Akismet servers, but we cannot guarantee in which country it will be processed.

To that end, we have signed model contract clauses with our Irish subsidiary that cover the transfer of data in and out of the EU for processing.” Watch for form plugins that store personal data in the Word Press database.

As you shouldn’t keep personal data for longer than required, the ideal situation is to delete it when it’s no longer needed.

Find out what personal data you process, detailed below.

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