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There are also other shots scattered throughout the concert, where one or two of the ladies can be seen a bit more clearly.

Anyway, we have here at least 5 or 6 MB members in the same row, both musicians and singers, watching the performance of the current national top ensemble.

We also have an article by the North Korean art researcher Cho Un-chol (趙雄鈇 チョウンチョル; original Korean name unknown) titled 「牡丹峰楽団は朝鮮スタイルのユニーク新しい軽音楽団」[The Moranbong Band is a Korean style but unique new light music band] (Ritsumeikan Journal of Korean Studies コリア研究、第5号、2014年、173−182)。The issue was published in 31 March 2014, but as the last concert that the author refers to took place in July 2013, we can conclude that summer 2013 is likely to be the time of its writing, well before the Jang Song-taek troubles.

This kind of publishing frequency is quite normal for paper journals.

From then we continue to the next picture, where from the right we have Yu Un-jong and Kim Yu-kyong.