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Cho adds that Kim Jong-un has also personally guided a multitude of practical issues related with the band, such as its basic principles, the themes of its concerts, and the way the band expresses itself on stage (原則・方法から公演のテーマ・ 表現要素に至るまで)(175).

This sounds like a lot, and is rather typical of North Korean way of expressing the deeds of their supreme leader, but if even half of this is true, we can infer that there is a strong personal relationship between Kim Jong-un and the band, and that at least in their original shape the concerts of the band reflected rather directly Kim Jong-un’s mind.

However, for some reason Cho mentions only the Pochonbo EE as a predecessor to Moranbong Band, while actually the Wangjesan LMB seems to have been more important.

It was a large ensemble containing both musicians, singers and dancers, appearing on stage in many configurations, smaller and larger.

Or the unknown ladies can simply have been friends.