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From a check of the height of the outline of a Norman window, additional courses of stonework and traces of a window in the tower below the present roof implies the walls have been raised and a new roof erected, probably in the 1300`s, using the King Post system seen today both in the church and also in Upton Court, reputedly built about 1327.

The North door has also been moved from its original position that can still be seen by the in fill to the east of the present doorway. The tower 12ft 6in (3.8 m) long by 12ft (3.7 m) wide has also undergone many changes.

The four bells were taken to the new church, but one did not blend well, so, when additional bells were provided it was replaced and later returned to Old Upton Church to be re-hung in the tower.

Other artifacts taken include the Hanoverian Coat of Arms, dated 1716.

Accordingly the Duke of Northumberland (The Protector) confiscated the bells, vestments and altar ware.

However in the reign of James the First, 1603 – 1625, times changed again, articles of rubric were restored.

Who had previously been granted the house by William the Conqueror.