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Anthony fears, “Kelly Anne's making enemies in this game. I'm going to make sure that she's not doing anything that she would regret.” Kelly Anne earns her wildcard reputation fast with a down and dirty rookie romance, flying drinks, and a kamikaze attitude, so Anthony better have enough cards up his sleeve to tame her.

Bio: Jamie waltzed into the Challenge house on a high fresh off of his win on Battle of the Bloodlines, but his smile quickly vanished when he was partnered with outspoken Kelly Anne.

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This time around, Kelly Anne comes to Thailand with a new reputation as one of the most feared women in the game.

And with equally-feared boyfriend Wes at her side, Kelly Anne may just be unstoppable. Money Won: $13,294 Bio: Veteran Kelly Anne returns to The Challenge as a formidable wildcard, and arrives with her athletic-powerhouse cousin, Anthony.

Kelly Anne proves that when it comes to partying, drama, and challenges, she only has two speeds: 0 and 100.