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Updates also must be ‘Enabled’ or this process will not work. Launch “Windows Server Updates Services” and click “Import Updates…” this will launch Internet Explorer opening Microsoft Update Catalog page. Search for the string “Office 365” and results should return list of items such as “(Preview) Office 365 Client Update – First Release for Current Branch (FRCB1601) 32-bit Edition”. In this case 1601 is January 2016, add to cart and import. BITS event log entries will show transfer job and its completion which took about 30 minutes.I know that may be contrary to the point but that’s due to a bug fixed in a future build. 1511, define boundaries and ensure client is healthy from Config Mgr. In my lab, all Site Systems Roles are on the same Config Mgr. Note: If you don’t use the WSUS console you won’t see the check box to import but rather only download link. From Administration panel in Config Mgr, Site Configuration, Sites, right-click on name item, mine happens to be “AZU – Azure”, select “Configure Site Components” and finally “Software Update Point”. From Software Library panel click Synchronize Software Updates. Note: If you’re not seeing this work, please verify Office Mgmt COM is present in Office configuration section of the registry and Updates are enabled.-Azure Iaa S Virtual Machines (Domain Controller, Config Mgr. wizard to select\create a deployment package and location to host the build. I made that error by deploying Office with English and German languages to my client but failed to select the German check box in the download…

Office 365 Pro Plus leverages the Click-To-Run deployment technology and was designed from the start to deploy and be serviced directly from internet.

The challenge for large enterprise customers, often with remote sites and limited bandwidth, is applying updates from local resources rather than directly from internet.

CAUTION: This document includes instructions for modifying the registry on your computer.

Modifying the registry improperly can result in Windows becoming corrupted.

You should only attempt these directions if you have your data backed up and are willing to risk creating additional problems.