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They kind of walk you through the experience, and they answer questions that you have. It’s basically based off of a Korean card game that’s very popular in Asia called Big Two. I’ve been playing that for over 20 years, and I still love it. But it’s got this beautiful, tactile component to it, and when you’re sitting and playing with one or two or three other people that you enjoy having a good time with, it really takes the experience to a different level. There’s a whole set of games that my family and a number of my friends have really enjoyed that kind of take an escape-room experience, but they localize it to a deck of cards and an app on your i Phone. Seeing this throughout the years, and seeing what’s happened with games, I think the reason I initially got involved in it was I started to look at some of the games that were coming out of Europe about 20, 25 years ago or so, and what happened in the ’80s and ’90s in the European game market and the American game market was very different.

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The makers of Monopoly have announced the introduction of a cheaters' version of the classic property board game later this year. The game, which will cost about $20 - also comes with handcuffs for cheaters who have been caught and are in jail.

They say it will perfectly suit players who since time immemorial have tried to avoid paying rent when landing on Park Place - known as Park Lane in the UK - or who have been known to help themselves to a little extra cash when no-one is looking. The company say it will be available internationally.

My background has really broadly been in management consulting, but throughout my professional career, whenever I’ve gotten in one of these situations where you’re introducing yourself and need to tell something interesting about you, I’ve always referred back to board games, which I’ve been collecting and playing with friends — and hosting folks at our house — going back probably 25 years or more.

At the beginning of last year, I had an opportunity to invest in another company, and I started doing due diligence.

’ My first exposure was actually with the first one in North America, which is Snakes & Lattes in Toronto.