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Armstrong's authorized biography titled 'First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong is often asked by the press, about the future of space flights.

In his opinion, the mission of a man on mars is going to be less challenging than the lunar landing.

Right after winning the Canadian Idol, she released her first single "Alive", which became very popular among the mass.

She hasn’t revealed any information about her relationship status, but she is believed to be unmarried. " We have found some of her cozy pictures with a mysterious man on her Instagram account. Were they sharing some kind of a relationship such as a "boyfriend and girlfriend?

" We spent our NYE countdown outside along the habourfront! Wishing you all a wonderful year filled with health and the strength to appreciate and see the good in each moment. A photo posted by missoneil (@missoneil) on However, the last picture of the man on her Instagram Account was posted 3 years ago. Apparently, Matthew, @Matthew_Rossoff, is a yoga instructor based in Toronto. As we are one sleep away from the SERIES PREMIERE of DARK MATTER, my thoughts have drifted to how this journey all began.

They were going to make history on successfully landing on moon.

On the 16th of July, Armstrong, joined by astronauts Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins left the Kennedy Space Center and started their journey to the moon!

In one of his speeches in 1961, President Kennedy announced that they would land a man from USA on moon.