Myanmar girls dating nightlife

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→ → Tinder: Very limited unless you want to meet tourists/expats → Asia Dating: Some English-speaking profiles, you can check who's online by making a free account here.

→ Badoo: Only 10 girls online → We Chat, Bee Talk, Line: Only if you speak Burmese → Best bars and nightclubs to meet Burmese girls: Fuse, Eclipse, Harry's, Channel V, The Vibe, Cuba, BME 2 → Best bars and nightclubs to meet foreign girls: 7th Joint, Kosan, Double Happiness Bar, 50th Street → During day time: Myanmar Plaza Mall, Junction Mall, Sule Plaza, United Living Mall (middle class) You can also read 10 Best Countries to Meet Asian Girls and 15 Best Online Dating Apps and Websites.

There isn't much space for dancing so it's better to book a table (and cheaper too). → Entrance fee: 5,000MMK with a beer → Open every day from 9PM to 12AM.

→ Crowd: 85% rich Burmese (including celebrities and socialites), 15% young foreigners. → Crowd: 20% rich Burmese, 80% foreigners from Europe, US, Australia and Asia (expats and businessmen) → Prostitution: 90% of the girls → Entrance fee: 12 US Dollars (16,200MMK) with a beer (free for hotel guests) → Open every day until 1AM Two popular hangout spots among young, upper-class Burmese. Hip Hop/Rn'B DJs start playing at 10PM in The Vibe. You can't just walk around and expect to find bars in Yangon.

Crossing Yangon from Chinatown to Inya Lake costs about 4,000MMK.