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By the way, Boston is on the better side, but came in 30th easiest of 50.To figure out the best places to find a date in a state, we rely on a complex algorithm that factors in things we generally think make it easy to find single people, and then we figure out which cities have the least number of those things: If you’re trying to get back into the dating scene in Gloucester, you’re gonna have a hard time. 53% of people are already married here, and 1 in 4 people has a kid.

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54% married: 5th highest 42% with kids: 2nd Places to meet: 21st lowest Only 5% of people in Wellesley are single and without children.

That’s the 2nd lowest rate in the entire state of Massachusetts.

49% married: 16th highest 30% with kids: 27th Places to meet: 10th lowest This city of 38,000 makes it tough to get a date in.

Half of the population is married, and 10% more are already divorced. Sure, there are more churches than in some of the other cities listed above. But odds are, that most of the people at your Woburn church are not interested.

There are lots of people who are already hitched (51%), making your odds lower than in other cities for finding someone single and ready to mingle. And if you do, then there’s a whole other level of drama going on. 51% married: 11th highest 30% with kids: 28th Places to meet: 5th Lowest You have much lower chances to meet someone single in Marlborough, especially in a bar, restaurant or coffee shop.