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He was a Christian minister for nearly 20 years, traveling from church to church, giving lectures and conducting Bible studies and training groups.

The more he studied, the more his beliefs expanded to the point where they couldn’t be contained within the Christian dogma.

The word “wizard” is derived from the word “wisdom,” and Taj uses his knowledge of several crafts to perform magick—the manipulation of energy, or “prayer with props.” Things like stones, herbs and symbols are believed by Wiccans to carry energy that can help a person focus their own energy, the main ingredient of a spell.

Taj gives guidance to his community, just as he did as a Christian minister.

Wicca now has more followers than the Society of Friends (or Quakers, as they are commonly known), and its population has more than doubled since 2001.

Qumran Taj knows the Bible backwards and forwards, as well he should.

“This is my spirituality, this is who I am and it is hard to see your faith so misrepresented all around you.” Raven is a witch.