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Similar keychains, filters, song captions and fashion styles were only some of the “evidence” provided by fans; but the strongest among them (by far) is when the two KPop stars were seen wearing the same bandana on the exact same day.https://taken-by=gdragontaeyeon Though some people may think that these similarities are merely results of coincidence, many believe that there’s a deeper meaning to the singers’s unexplained likeness when it comes to the things they like and share on social media.

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He might have said this because people will never stop being interested in his love life.

G-Dragon can’t catch a break from all the rumors surrounding his dating life.

The BIG BANG leader did not actually mentioned any names but the questions of the emcees imply that they were referring to the two Japanese models.

G-Dragon also seems to know who they were talking about too, without names being mentioned, so he just responded accordingly.

GD x Lee Joo Yeon ❤❤💔💔😁😂😁 #happynewyear pic.twitter.com/tk5g Hgax7i — HAPPY NEW YEAR BTS (@leannx04) January 1, 2018 ​Immediately after the release of the article, their agencies YG Entertaiment and Better ENT stated that they were “confirming facts” and an official response will be released after the agencies speak with their artists.