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She had sent me a series of photos that were taken so many years apart that it was difficult to recognized her in the series because each photo appeared to be a different woman, although with careful examination, facial features such as the eyebrows and lips appeared to be the same.

I suggested she simply send me a week old photo wearing a set of large earrings that were featured in several of the photos and this would be sufficient proof that she is capable of reproducing herself "graphically speaking" and not just someone with a collection of model photos with no knowledge or access to the original owner.

I contacted a married couple that was willing to meet with the lady at any local café or public gathering place.

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The letters tended to sound as if a male wrote them, which was a bit troubling but I thought it was reasonable to attribute this to the gender of the translator.

I expressed my concerns about scamming to the lady in a polite and non-judgmental way.

My personal feelings are the person in this profile and the letter writer are not the same people.

The letter writer is in the background using the profile to manipulate others but is unable to appear as a person or update the profile photos with anything new.

The responses I received would consist of a few sentences asking more questions.