Whos dating josh hutcherson

He is also heavily involved in the gay–straight alliance chapter called "Straight But Not Narrow".

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Unfortunately, she also happens to be a niece of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro). It was really cool."He didn't feel as badass when his character has to grab a young boy by the throat and yell at him to try and convince him to leave town because his life is also in danger."It's intense," Hutcherson said of the emotional scene.

star defends himself with a barrage of double-fisted gun shooting.

Maybe she will be the one who he will take to the wedding?

Well, he is not so sure about going himself, firstly.

The big wedding is about to happen and it is Liam Hemsworth, the star of The Hunger Games, marrying the little music star Miley Cyrus, who is not only a singer, but an actress too.