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Other scientifically unexplored areas where there might be undiscovered ruins include the deeper parts of the Amazon and the heavily forested mountains in the central highlands of Peru.

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We spoke with Douglas Preston about the city and the research that he has recounted in his book.

is about a long-lost Honduran civilization that was recently discovered.

In Mosquitia, an experienced group of explorers, well equipped with machetes and saws, can expect to journey two to three miles in a brutal 10-hour day. Until recently, many archaeologists were shockingly insensitive and arrogant in the way they conducted fieldwork, riding roughshod over the feelings, religious beliefs, and traditions of indigenous people.

The towns and rural areas surrounding the jungle are largely controlled by drug cartels, with a murder rate that is the highest in the world. They dug up burials without permission, put human remains and sensitive grave goods on public display in museums, hauled off sacred objects to which they had no legal right of ownership.

The site was not without dangers: the city is located in a region controlled by drug cartels, while deadly snakes and forest creatures roam the jungle.