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You have to give her time and let her come to you, if you try to rush the Gemini woman then you will likely lose her.

The general rule is that Air signs do best with other Air signs and with Fire signs.

These rules may seem a little standard for most men, but they are EXTRA important for dealing with a Scorpio.

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Gemini in relationships are also not always the best at showing or talking about their feelings.

In fact some Gemini’s can be a bit emotionally stunted.

That same duality also does well with the ever-changing nature of the Aquarius, making for another good, if unpredictable, match (Gemini Aquarius).

Gemini’s also tend to be very attracted to Sagittarians due to passionate intensity and bold personalities (Gemini Sagittarius).

But do not talk of marriage in the beginning or else it will end in a breakup.