Gemini dating scorpio

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Even when speaking in general conversation, make sure they understand this is not personal about you or him. Plus, they have a reputation for being easy to sleep with and you want the commitment. If you are the right type of woman, then you can keep a Scorpio man in a relationship and have one of the most intense loves ever and do not forget the amazing sex. They will do all of the little things in the relationship that they care. I love him with all my heart and have found my true soul mate.

I would really hold off on this until you know if number 7 has been fulfilled or if you are the type of person to get emotionally attached after sex (which most women are) I would just say no. They don't like to be controlled by anyone especially a female. If you are willing to deal with a Scorpio man, then you will have a loyal friend. I too am a Gemini woman who is dating a scorpion man.

It is easy to fall hard for a Gemini man, but that can be a problem because while they are great at wooing, they tend to have problems with emotional intimacy.

A Gemini man will always be You may feel that your relationship lacks intimacy and depth, which can be a major problem for some people, but for others the Gemini male’s good qualities make up for his negative personality traits.

It is very rare for a Gemini woman to be jealous and she really hates jealousy in a partner.