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Your child can access this site by visiting the Thinkuknow website.

The Scottish Government has also launched an action plan on child internet safety. Respectme is Scotland’s anti-bullying service, which is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland.

They may be unaware that their child has encountered violent or sexual content or is engaged in inappropriate conversation with strangers.

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Follow these steps to ensure your child is safe online: Sites like Twitter and Facebook are part of an internet phenomenon known as ‘social networking’.

They can be great fun to use and are an important part of many people’s social lives, but, like any internet tool, they can be used for harmful or criminal purposes.

Child sexual abuse images record the real abuse of a child and your reports to the IWF might help the authorities to trace and rescue a young victim from further exploitation.

Go to the IWF website and complete the step-by-step form.

Many other social networking sites also have links to CEOP.