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"She's an actress and has to travel around shooting movies; I'm a businessman and have to go on business trips.

Over the years of our marriage, we spent less time together and our love turned into friendship.

The couple went to a gynecologic hospital in Beijing and Singapore for many times, and asked some of the famous private doctors in the United States, but they couldn't make it clear.

The doctor says that two people are healthy and have the condition of being pregnant: "maybe it's just the time." Gong Li and Huang Hexiang only with smile.

, in order to get pregnant early, he put several pieces of film away, but he lived in Singapore home.

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    SERVICESThe property as a whole benefits from the provision of all mains services to include 3-phase electric, water, gas and mains drainage.

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    Not everybody has sex during these videos, some just indulge in foreplay.

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    VERSE: E C#m7 A B E Alam ko hindi mo pansin narito lang ako C#m7 F#m B C B Naghihintay lagi kita Umaasa kahit di man ngayon A F# B B Mapapansin mo rin mapapapansin mo rin VERSE 2: repeat CHORUS: E B Abm C#m Pagdating ng Panahon baka ikaw rin at ako A B Abm C#m F# B Baka tibok ng puso koy maging tibok ng puso mo E B Abm C#m Sana nga’y mangyari yun kahit di palang ngayon A B Abm C#m F# B Sana ngay mahalin morin pag dating nga E Panahon…..