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Korea directly to bring change: scholar" by Hwang Doo-hyong 5) Summary of Reporting o n Russian & FSU Nuclear Issues -- 6) Lithuania To Expend 16 Mln Euros For Its Military Contingent In Afghanistan 7) Afghan official says power station to be built in north 8) Greek Daily Claims US Will Apply 'Strong Pressure' on Athens to Recognize Kosovo Report by Dhimitris Konstandakopoulos: "Athens Is Balancing on a Tightrope" 9) Serbian Shrines Handover In Kosovo Police Endanger Security-FM 10) Fourth Baltic Education Forum Opening In Kaliningrad 11) Russian expert views new strategic command's role in event of war with Georgia 12) CSTO Informal Summit To Open In Yerevan August 20 13) Interfax Statistical Report for 07 - 13 Aug 10 "INTERFAX Statistical Report" -- Interfax Round-up 14) No Argentine Beef Imports Cuts - Rosselkhoznadzor 15) Interfax Oil & Gas Report for 05 - 11 Aug 10 "INTERFAX Oil, Gas & Coal Report" -- Interfax Round-up 16) Interfax Russia & CIS Presidential Bulletin Report for 11 Aug 10 "INTERFAX Presidential Bulletin" -- Interfax Round-up 17) Turkish-Russian Relations Said 'at Their Best' Despite Past, Current Conflicts Report by Barcin Yinanc: "Old rivals, new partners: Conflict and cooperation in politics" 18) Wildfires Pose Danger of Radioactive Smoke From Chernobyl Region Article by Anton Razamkhnin: "Will Radioactive Smoke Blow From Bryansk Region?

" (Svobodnaya Pressa Online) 19) Tatarstan Seeks To Buy Belarusian Grain, Potatoes, Succulents 20) Belarus Ready To Grant More Aid To Russia In Fight Against Fires 21) Fate Of Three Russia Tourists In North India Flood Zone Unknown 22) Russo-Polish Plan on Visa-Free Travel Violates Schengen Requirements "Suggestions From Poland, Russia Regarding Visa-Free Regime for Karaliaucius Not in Line With Schengen Requirements - Lithuanian Vice-Minister" -- BNS headline 23) Belarus, Latvia said to have completed work on agreement on 24) Search Underway For Three Russians Trapped in Indian Floods 25) S.

Statistical data processing instrumental observations show a direct and robust relationship between sea level and river discharge at intra-annual and multi-annual periodicities.

Periodicity of sea-level change at different frequencies and lengths is calculated using spectral and wavelet analysis.

- Kadyrov's Press Secretary 183) Skolkovo Center, Kurchatov Institute Sign Cooperation Agreement 184) Oreshkin Explains His Objections to Limonov, 'Binary' Politics Article by Dmitriy Oreshkin: "Limonov as Lion" 185) Main Indexes of The Russia Stock Market For August 12 186) Communist MP urges Russian government to deal with rising food prices 187) Police Arrest Participants in Mos cow's "Day of Wrath?