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Depending on which choice is made will affect how well or poorly the communication is received from bad, to normal, good and finally perfect communication, which results in either good or bad memories.

The good memories are tallied in the heart on the heads-up display.

At the start of every in-game day, text progression pauses when the player is given the option to greet the idol or take a break, which ends that in-game week.

There are multiple responses to choose from, and the player is given a limited amount of time to make a choice; if no choice is made before time runs out, the choice with the worst possible outcome is automatically chosen.

While the game's network was still active up to 2010, the game would match up to five other players from around the country who were auditioning at the same time; if enough players could not be found, non-player characters would fill the necessary spots.

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    I suppose hypothetically there could be a situation where your wristband doesn't scan properly for some reason and the staff checks the serial number against the order, but that's really to see if the wristband wasn't already voided and replaced for some reason.

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