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I really liked Haley’s take on Freddy Krueger, and in all, I really liked this take on Elm Street in general.

In comparison to the other movies, this one seems to have more weight, it seems much meatier.

When you’re watching the flashbacks, you’re left thinking that he might’ve been a good guy, but when you realize that he never was, you’re forced to realize that this seemingly good hearted guy was a very mean, very awful and evil psychopath underneath it all.

When you realize that he’s relishing and enjoying killing all these kids (now grownup) just because they told on him, it makes him a lot creepier and just completely different in comparison to the old movies. Kyle Gallner is pretty cool and he’s pretty awesome in most of the movies he’s in.

CAST Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) Kyle Gallner (Smallville) Rooney Mara (The Social Network) Katie Cassidy (Arrow) Thomas Dekker (Terminator: TSCC) Kellan Lutz (The Legend of Hercules) Clancy Brown (Highlander) Connie britton (Nashville) Judith Hoag (Armageddon) I grew up as a kid watching all the Freddy movies.