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" "I have always asked God that when I met the man I would marry, I would know it immediately and there would be no games, no confusion, no nonsense.

I prayed that and had complete faith that in God's timing this would happen.

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With the county's growing diversity, the historical society hoped to teach racial and religious tolerance by portraying the...

As I joined the Million Family March I could not help but miss the Million Man March that preceded it by five years.

"There's a higher instance of divorce, and [the marriages] are shorter." Smith said family pressures and cultural differences...

The authors of the article "Interracial marriages increase" (Page 1, Sept.

Franken asks the Secretary of Education nominee on her views re: proficiency vs. Chairman, I think this a good reason for us to have more questions.”To the average American tuning in on C-SPAN, this moment might have seemed like It wasn’t an isolated incident either.