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To get the conversation rolling, the couple would get a range of hot topic questions so the singles could rapidly get to know one another. At the end of the date, each person is given the choice to stay and get to know their counterpart better - or leave.

Described as the 'most diverse dating show to hit Australian screens', the series features a diverse range of couples, including same-sex people and diverse singles.

Like when we've seen both people before, but we're not informed as to which one of the two actually selected the other (that information would be most helpful). And no doubt, it must be watched after being taped, for fast-forwarding through uninteresting/ boring footage (which there should be made less of) is essential to enjoyable viewing.

It's a refreshing show, as the majority of these young people seem to be genuinely nice/ likable people, and in a age of such foreboding issues, that leaves a glimmer of hope for our future.

SBS director of television and online content Marshall Heald said the controversial show - that has already been a hit in Italy - was about 'fun and mischievous'.

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    Foerster's and Burrell's insistence on using buy busts led to the operation that resulted with the shooting of Detective Greggs.

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    Carrie Underwood’s season-four victory allowed Idol to mark some territory in Nashville, while Chris Daughtry’s fifth-season deployment of Shinedown and Live helped nudge open the door to performers bearing instruments, who were finally allowed inside the Idol sanctum in season seven. The willingness to stand up for artistic choices, even if doing so results in some British acidity being flung back. “It’s a singing competition,” Simon Cowell would drone again and again when he found someone’s performance not quite up to par. He was lying, but he meant well, and anyway, the audience knew what he meant: “You can’t win if you sound like that.”Idol world, sometimes the terrible can actually be the best for the purposes of each individual season’s dramatic arc. Think of the contestants near the list’s very bottom as the most likely contestants for an All-Idol rebirth of Vote for the Worst, the now-mothballed site that encouraged chicanery through democracy and buoyed the Idol stays of more than a few less-than-deserving individuals. Danny Gokey (Season 8, Placed 3rd)Season eight was perhaps Idol's pinnacle; it also had a contestant who might have been the closest villain analogue Idol has ever had to offer: Danny Gokey, an early-odds favorite whose wife had passed away shortly before he auditioned with "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." He stuck around for a long time, vanquishing contestants with okay-enough performances that would sometimes tip over into horror (recall the Gokey Scream) and sometimes be just really boring (the anodyne "What Hurts the Most") and too often be capped with that heart-hands gesture and never, ever result in his being in the show's bottom three.

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    Sure, it's possible they're just not big birthday people, in which case it's perfectly fine to spend the day together without making a huge production out of the birthday.