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San Francisco-based Zoosk recently hit a $30 million run rate based on revenue booked for the sale of Premium Memberships, millions of transactions in Zoosk's virtual economy, and advertising, according to Zadeh.

The Series D funding round brings Zoosk's total financing to $40.5 million.

So i guess i have to talk to pathfinder about this in the hope we can help these sims out so disabilities are infact supported without gaining to much lag Hahahahaha Bubblesort, that's such a mental image. I've tried convincing voice modeling technology before but, it costs a LOT more than some of the voice changer programs that are fine for weird alien voices, not good for gendershifting. if I overheard somebody talking about doing very bad things, hypothetically, on voice, I would not AR them, even if they were breaking TOS...

I mean, I would be reporting something that can't be proven When I find I can't type fast enough or am typing something when another idea comes out, I blurt it into voice because I can speak a lot faster than I can type.

"Around the world, online dating is an incredibly popular -- and successful -- way to find and meet someone special," said David Cowan, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.