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Truth: "This is more a fact of a long relationship than aging," says Mc Grath. Have a whole range of moves in your sexual arsenal because different things turn you on not just in different stages of life but on different days! Did you recently get a promotion at work and are feeling good about yourself? It's never too late to explore what turns you on, says Mc Grath.

You might be bored or in a rut (and so might your man), so address it as soon as possible, advises Dr. Myth 8: If I've never had great orgasms, it's too late now. Sebastian, who admits, "I was never multi-orgasmic until after I had my second child." She attributes the change to a newfound sense of self-confidence, an ability to start askingfor what she wanted in bed.

But that doesn't mean you need it any less than other things that bring joy, satisfaction and better emotional and physical health.

"Sex gets blood flowing, which brings nutrients to all parts of your body and eliminates waste.

), or the fact that leading TV and movie roles turn more to the matronly than the hot as actresses age, myths about a more mature women's sexuality abound.

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