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It's easy to shove that voice down when you're just starting a relationship, but it is almost always right and can help you make smarter dating decisions if you give it a chance.

Learn how to avoid abusive relationships and stop dating losers.

If cooking is your thing, take some evening cooking classes.

When you start looking there are hundreds of different places to meet men and you may just find the perfect one who enjoys many of the same things you do and who will make a wonderful partner. Listen to the nagging voice in your head that keeps telling you that a guy does not seem right for you.

Try to spot indications that you may have missed in your past relationships that should have alerted you how they were going to turn out.

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    These can include little or no access to decent work, leadership opportunities, legal representation, basic education and healthcare, as well as the direct physical and emotional effects of violence.

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    This gradual chipping away at your confidence and self-esteem allows them to later treat you badly–as though you deserved it.” According to Tracy’s and Stacy’s families and friends, after seducing them, Drew undermined both women’s self-confidence.