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Total Slacker's sense of humor is the album's driving force, and it's both overt and weirdly specific.

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Between the references to weed and various snack foods, and the record's languid pace, Rountree perpetuates the archetypal slacker character with his nasal whine.

The track "Thyme Traveling High School Dropout", for example, is a -style branding for a guy who goes back to the 18th century because marijuana isn't illegal then.

And the title "Stealing From Salvation Army" says it all-- he plans on doing just that after he wakes up in the afternoon. largely depends on buying into that character and thinking it's funny, or at least interesting, for 40 minutes.

At first, it works-- the aesthetic is clearly defined, and the jokey tone of each track functions as a cohesive statement.

Most of the juvenile imagery is funny ("He's watching 'Full House', playing Sega on his Slip 'n Slide"), but an extended 1993 joke backed by a series of "woo's" and references to Crystal Pepsi ultimately doesn't stick.