Alex morgan dating anyone

Every episode is more ridiculous than the one before.

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I never would’ve gone out with him had I known that information. I had no clue that he was one of her lovers.” I don’t really feel like Sonja has a great attachment to any one of her lovers and she really does seem like the kind of person who just wants her friends to be happy, so I’m not really shocked that she didn’t tell Ramona about her hook ups with Tom.

As far as Tom goes, I don’t really know anything about him, but clearly he didn’t want to cock block himself by sharing the truth with Ramona.

One of the chief reasons that so many players objected — to no avail — is that artificial turf can cause injuries and aggravate existing injuries (like, say, knee injuries).

This is especially true when players are required to perform on the unforgiving surface every few days, as will be the case in the World Cup.

However, she hasn’t revealed his name but his Instagram name is scawtttothemax that suggest his name is probably Scott.