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What will the young girl do if she is whisked away to the Naruto Universe the day... She goes through many adventures and what is an adventure without any romance. Das Trio verabredete sich eines Abend für einen Anime Abend und schauen den Anime Naruto an. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first princess was held in the palace, not able to show her face or herself to anyo...

Sasori thought he'd left it all behind in Sunagakure. WARNING: There might be some girl x girl things so if you feel uncomfortable, don't read this! Eigentlich sollte der Abend entspannt und lustig verlaufen aber es kam anders... An average day is never in the dictionary according to the Akatsuki, and the group, if spent more time with, is not as treacherous as the cover says.

Meet Ayaka cross she's a vampire hunter in training and is the older adopted sister of Yuki, apart from all of that Ayaka is also apart of the disciplinary committee with zero kiryu another vampire hunter in training and her younger adopted sister Yuki. Rosamary Haruno, her existence changes everything, she's the 'cursed child' hated by many Konoha citizens, taking the pain away from many such as Sasuke, Naruto, bringing it upon herself.. But in a world of strife and chaos, can they face the trials that come for them?