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The principles are similar: execute an SQL query, run a while loop fetching the results.

Let's assume you have a "customers" table; in practice this means you should see these two files in your data folder: and (there may be more files though - blb, blk, etc.). This code sample loops through all the records of the customers table and displays them in the current page. Now all you have to do is work your brains and write the appropriate SQL queries.

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Accessing the database from PHP was quite complex because I didn't have a proper reference or blog article to detail the process.

That's exactly why I'm writing this: to give people directions on a subject that's hardly documented at all.

In order for PHP to be able to communicate with this proprietary database system, you'll need to install an ODBC driver.

First catch: as far as I know, the driver is only available for Windows.

After a quick Google search, I stumbled upon a few pages that led me to DBISAM from Elevate Software.