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You can still see Wigan's three breathtaking tries on You Tube. I prefer real scrums and I like lineouts so it's union for me. Right, what excuse can I drag up for Sunday nights?

Rugby Leagues advancement was also partly held back by the ridiculous position of the IRB to ban any player who dared give it a go. Even playing RL on an RU pitch could 'professionalise' the pitch! This led to RL struggling to gain any foothold in universities and the armed forces for example.

League, of course, arose because working men needed paid to take time off their jobs to play rugby on a Saturday. League's hotbeds are the North of England, the cities of Australia and New Zealand, and some large swathes of Papua New Guinea.

In an attempt to attract a crowd to pay them they did away with what they thought of as rugby's boring bits - lineouts and real scrums - made more space by taking two men off the pitch, and vowed to provide more entertainment. Is union, with its greater number of facets and shapes and sizes a better game almost exclusively because of that?

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