Being a spiritual leader in a dating relationship

In terms of attractiveness, knowing what you want, and passionately pursuing it aren’t going to hurt you. If no one is following you, you’re not actually a leader. One final thought here – if you lead and the woman never follows – reconsider that relationship.

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But regardless of all of that, and no matter what you call it, when you are dating someone, you are not her spiritual leader or head of anything. You’re not her “leader” but that doesn’t mean you can’t lead. Go someplace that you like that you think she might also enjoy. ” Now once you are dating, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking her what she’d prefer, but I’d ask her that before you show up. It’s more about the conversation that night than the menu.

You are not saddled with that and you don’t have to love her as Christ loved the church (any more or less than you would any other person) and she is not called to submit to your leadership. In the restaurant example from above (a great simple example) I’d say on the fist date you should just have a plan and do it. (A note to the ladies here – for the love of all things, if the guy asks you if you prefer mexican or italian and says he is great with either, and you have a preference, express it.

Everyone talks about women wanting guys who “lead”, who “aren’t pushovers,” who “aren’t nice guys,” etc.

Question: what does this mean in the context of DATING. Its fairly obvious what this means for married men.

Go figure...)Character has been defined as, "Who you are when no one's watching." Your character must be consistent, no matter who's around.