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Head to Marburger Orchard and pick your own sweet, ripe strawberries this spring and show the kiddos where the fruits in the grocery store really come from!

Insider tip: Visit or call ahead at 830.997.9433 to check open times and picking conditions.

Due to fairly recent changes to Virginia law, individuals who experienced sexual abuse from decades ago may still have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit for compensatory or punitive damages. The accrual date for sexual abuse against children in Virginia is the date the clock starts to run toward the statute of limitations, and the cause of action will accrue on one of two events.

With that in mind, here is some general information to consider about the statute of limitations for child sex abuse in Virginia: To begin with, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children or incapacitated individuals in Virginia is twenty years from the date the sexual abuse cause of action “accrues.” See Va. First, the statute of limitations will begin to run for children twenty years after the abuse claim accrues.

Johnson National Historical Park has announced that additional programming will be offered to visitors from March 3 through March 18 at the LBJ Ranch.

Spring Break at the LBJ Ranch 2018 will offer park visitors opportunities to further explore and discover the park’s historic resources and delve deeper into the story of the 36th […] Learn More Enjoy a memorable getaway with the entire family. See handworkers quilting and spinning or make a “knot” doll.

Fredericksburg, Texas is gearing up for a month-long celebration of Spring!