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Wear comfy clothes and arrive […] Read More A number of hiking, running and cycling events are planned in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County this spring.Lace up your running shoes and get your favorite bike ready for these outdoor events: The 11th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour will kick off with 10 to 62 mile rides across the Texas Hill Country, starting and ending on the famed […] Read More Marching bands, military vehicles and veterans will all be part of Fredericksburg’s Veterans Day Parade on November 11.Due to fairly recent changes to Virginia law, individuals who experienced sexual abuse from decades ago may still have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit for compensatory or punitive damages. The accrual date for sexual abuse against children in Virginia is the date the clock starts to run toward the statute of limitations, and the cause of action will accrue on one of two events.

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With world-renowned hospitality, Fredericksburg provides visitors with a wide-array of activities and experiences Sunday through Thursday with a little less of the weekend hustle and bustle.

Here are several must-dos for any midweek trip to the Texas […] Learn More Lyndon B.

Fredericksburg, Texas is gearing up for a month-long celebration of Spring!

Beginning Friday, March 2, Fredericksburg will be hopping with family-friendly spring break activities and excitement.

Second, and alternatively, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse or sexual assault may start to run or accrue when “the fact of the injury and its causal connection to the sexual abuse is first communicated to the person by a licensed physician, psychologist, or clinical psychologist.” [i] Put a little differently, a sexual abuse victim may not fully grasp that their emotional or psychological injuries are due to the sexual abuse they experienced, or they may repress their understanding of the abusive event, perhaps due to post traumatic stress disorder or other psychological conditions.