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The Multinational Corporation Pepsi processes horticultural products grown in Bathinda.

Major industries in Bathinda include, National Fertilizers Plant, two power plants: Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant and Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant(Lehra Mohabbat), Petrochemical Plants, Yarn & Textiles Plants, Citrus Fruit Belts and Sugar Mills.

It is believed that Rao Bhatti established the modern town of Bathinda in the Lakhi jungle area in the third century, and it was captured from him by the Brars.

Bala Rao Bhatti inhabited the city in 965 AD, naming it Bhatti vinda after his surname. Later the city name was changed to Bhatinda and now a days it is known as Bathinda.

Bathinda is also an Educational Hub of this region, especially for competitive exams preparations, which in turn is a source of income for the local residents. According to India's census of 2001, Bathinda had a population of 217,389.