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There'll to-e In^ds of weapons, eig^l way scrolling, hopefully heaps of tension and it's worth knowing ' that 300 frames of animation have already been programmed for the Ripley sprite alone. Ws trun- dled over to St Luke's Primary schdol irl Hampstead and asked Peter (age 41 to sketch us fl scene where Hipley first encounters the Alien, "^ello, you enlwl- ilnii. I prv^untia you'rv Al MH^k in ■ ganne, and I «itp|»o» duftt I, Umm Ganie*ineet»r, wr IJI have to help you ou*..." A VIEWER. But y Ei,i' r^ no C^Hpna*rtiae*ar - yew'r* Pet H^i^k Me expected of yow at the audition then turn the page and read our How To Succeed At A T'^/ Audition helpline.,. 2, Werge Adventures into Crysta S Tifis somehow, 3, Gather up the pages that y Qv would use for Adventures and yjit^/ and make a Game Indt K - 3 list about four Eo six p^^-s long, Ttiis C4uld be ^rran^ed si a column affair, consistiflg of a short review snd » mark out of five at Ihe t Kiltorri. You seem to have seen a secret blueprint of the brand new ZEROv Let's see if your Mystic Meg talent really matches up... We've : Ur TMESUAKE aiut Ma L TEO m BIASE So what do you need to know about wrestling?

4, Fkir Miefmar», how atxiiit a deer-ease in paper qualiti/ ^Ai$ are c»nlv a rough outline. It's all dead camp and ITs all fixed - like a pantomine, in a wsy. Bonus I If you're a wrestling fan, yo'U'll probably want to sellotape the cart to tha inside of your underpants, Til get the praise over and done with right here, and say that if you buy Super Wr&stlsm^niayou'W be inviting people round just so ynu can show it off.

If you decide (o run back and forth across the ring y-our- self, bouncing off the ropes as you QOr theii y OLJ can doso,,. attained by climbing toth« lop of thecornerpost and taking a fre E-fall parachute jump.

but *hy not usa your momen- tum and turn it into a flying drop-kick? Then whs t a bout dropping C n h is face And landing elbow first -an elbowdrop? Then go f o r a f I y i ng el howd rgp instead -just the same as a nor- mal elbowdrop, but you pull it off wh lie crossi n g th e ri n g At f u 1 1 pe It. Okay, so you don't have a parachute at your disposal, but it doesn't mat- ter b«caus G v Qurfall is cushioned by (■} yowr^'ticiw and Wyour opponent's head. tt Of ES Vou can pick him up and throw him down onto the floor outside the ring. Anyone still outside the ropes on the count of ten is disqualified.

Jj^AA^Ji^ II l« 1 ^KA^Hii«*UM In this mode, it's a wrest- ling match, pur B and sini- ,p\^.

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    I am a single mother of 2 beautiful kids who are a blessing to me . I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I am an honest heart that's looking for a stable relationship.

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    Kevin spoke to our photog hours before he issued an apology to his pregnant wife and kids for getting in a sticky situation. Justin Bieber did not reach out to Selena Gomez to comfort her as she underwent kidney transplant surgery ... Separate Justin and Selena sources tell us Selena did not share the news with Justin because they have had no connection or contact in a long time.

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