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[Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexy flirting tips for girls] #11 Try something new together. If both of you haven’t tried a particular cuisine yet, take a chance on something together. A simple romantic comedy with an even simpler plot work best, because it gives both of you time to talk in between without missing any plot points.

The more exotic it sounds, the better the dinner date experience, just don’t forget that. Enjoy the food, watch the movie and talk about something now and then. [Read: How to end a date at the perfect time without feeling awkward] #13 Romantic restaurants.

With the buzz of a few drinks in the air, both of you will feel really cozy and romantic in the warm, soft glow of the dim lights and the smooth music resonating around you.

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There’s a lot more to a dinner date than just splurging money. It’s about enjoying each other’s company and basking in the warm glow of love on a pleasant night.

A romantic dinner date can be fun, exotic, adventurous, cheap or even expensive, but what really matters in a successful dinner date is how well both of you connect with each other, and how much fun the night was.

[Read: 12 second date tips and 10 third date tips to build the romance perfectly] #3 Candlelight dinner in the backyard.

You can have dinner at a restaurant and sit down for dessert together in your backyard, or you can have food delivered home and go the whole nine yards.

It’s a special date that brings two new lovers closer, and rekindles the love in a seasoned romance.