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It sounds silly, but you’ll never know just how much fun you can have when you walk from one cuisine to another in a matter of minutes.A drink or two will make the whole think a lot funnier too! Order food home, kick your shoes off, sink into the couch and watch a movie at home.If you can have a memorable and romantic night with each other, then you’ve definitely succeeded in planning a perfect dinner date.

These restaurants aren’t the first choice for lazy diners, but for a romantic date? You get to cook for each other, have loads of laughs while preparing the food, and enjoy a wonderful unique experience that can easily stretch for a few hours without the worry of date conversations that may leave one of you feeling awkward. Sometimes, even just sitting in a park with a pizza and a drink and watching others pass by can make everything around both of you seem so idyllic and blissful. Walk down a food street and eat anything that catches your fancy.

This can be a perfect date to bond and interact without any difficulties, however shy you may be. [Read: The 5 perfect questions you always need to ask on a date] #9 Unconventional dinner. It’s junk, well most of it, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

Just make sure you wrap the date up by going somewhere cozy for dessert so you don’t forget the romance in all that fun. This one is just perfect to create a completely fun and memorable date together.

Head out to a karaoke bar, watch several other bad singers bray out of tune, laugh at them together, have lots of drinks, have dinner, join the list of bad singers by singing at the top of your voice, and don’t forget to serenade your lover while you’re at it.

This is a simple and easy date, and depending on your culinary skills, you can make a memorable impression too. Someone once said that the journey is far more important than the destination.