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All that is left now is to return the phone to main menu and leave it ide to do its thing.

It is important to not leave the phone at the failed Desk Phone Setup screen pictured above otherwise the update process will not begin.

Attempts to use 1.0.522.x versions would always fail with As older versions of firmware may still be in use or come pre-installed on new devices then there may exist a scenario where the devices are unable to successfully sign-in to a Lync Server 2013 environment (specifically OCS 2007 RTM versions).

And because the only way to update the Lync Phone Edition firmware is by the device requesting and downloading the package from the Lync Server then this appears to be a cyclic problem.

Lync Phone Edition will only attempt to retrieve the root certificate from the internal, Active Directory published CA during registration attempts, it was not programmed to perform this same action automatically upon bootup.