Table of organization for consolidating fire departments

The Division includes 6 branches in Central Office, 6 regional legal offices, and 24 Consolidated Legal Centers in the field.The primary responsibility of the regional legal offices is to provide litigation support for inmate litigation arising out of the prisons located within the region, and to provide legal advice to regional office and prison administrators.

Oversight involves monitoring specific program areas, conducting risk assessments for the purpose of creating review guidelines, and analyzing program performance trends and other data to achieve continuous program improvement. A 16-member Advisory Board, also appointed by the Attorney General, provides policy direction to the Institute.

The Division conducts reviews of all Bureau programs. The National Institute of Corrections ("NIC") is an agency within the Federal Bureau of Prisons that is headed by a Director appointed by the U. NIC provides training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to Federal, state, and local corrections agencies.

It says that lower Insurance Services Office (ISO) ratings could result in additional savings totaling an estimated $47 million on homeowner and business insurance premiums.

Michael Genito, director of the Michaelian Institute at Pace and one of the authors of the study, said the process would take time and that a more comprehensive study that addresses labor and legal issues is needed.

The Correctional Programs Division (CPD) develops activities and programs designed to appropriately classify inmates, eliminate inmate idleness, and develop the skills necessary to facilitate the successful reintegration of inmates into their communities upon release.