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I'm pretty sure all that stuff in math and dates is possible to do within oracle itself within SQL.In general, if the question is about speed, my way is first to try in straightforward simplest way and then assess what kind of issues you are facing in the sense of timing the thing is that let's assume threads will be successful and with a lot of additional work may end up say in saving time let's say even two, or assuming a lot, three times but most probably would not end up in orders of magnitudes, whereas moving to PL/SQL from Java in many cases produces order of magnitude saving in time.

Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you. How can a java map have data which are equivalent to 67 columns of the data base or is it even practical to do so.

Here are interesting links, explanation @for_yan and @gudii9: Basically why i wanted this to happen was that i had another question asked in the link: Previous Question I was thinking i would extract the initiallly available data into a text or a csv file and update the file after the entire data for every record is available. I was thinking as suggested by you to extact the data in a text or a csv file and update the record or a line when the complete data is present. If this is Oracle - it is designed for big tables and 5 million rows is not that dramatic.

And there is a good probablility that the issue would be really in the orders of magintudes or there would be no issue at all - it would all be really fast.

Probability that running it twice as fast will solve your practical problem is much smaller. But if it executes two or even three times fast with threads isn't it worth as i have had very similar loads done previously which takes more than 4 hours. yes, if it turns out a matter of say two times longer and you have really strict requirement of 4 hours, then playing with threads or say just with splitting the table (as i understand you process each row independently of others) may indeed help.

I have a txt file delimited by '|' as follows: name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22 In the above mentioned text file the data are not complete for each line.