Java not updating

I have a txt file delimited by '|' as follows: name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22 In the above mentioned text file the data are not complete for each line.Later i have the full data for say the third record i.e Name: Gaara Id:1 age:22 address:sand rank:100 Now how do i go and update the original data in the file as name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22|sand|100 Please help...Taht's wahy I'm saying difference in the order of magnitude in such situation can make soem didfference.

With database in such situation you are much more flexible than with files. Could i create say 4 different temp tables which would contain all the records to be updated.

Could i use threads on these temp tables so that the records could get updated simultaneously and could complete fast.

I'm pretty sure all that stuff in math and dates is possible to do within oracle itself within SQL.

In general, if the question is about speed, my way is first to try in straightforward simplest way and then assess what kind of issues you are facing in the sense of timing the thing is that let's assume threads will be successful and with a lot of additional work may end up say in saving time let's say even two, or assuming a lot, three times but most probably would not end up in orders of magnitudes, whereas moving to PL/SQL from Java in many cases produces order of magnitude saving in time.

What I thought was that I'll create 4 temp tables and distribute the total load in these 4 tables and simultaneously kick off 4 threads which would run simultaneously and load the data.