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"They come in and they sound absolutely incredible, and I come in and I'm like, 'I was in a band for a while?

' I did choir in high school, but I didn't sing professionally anywhere ever.

I was very happy when I first saw that."'s musical numbers a perfect outlet."I get to go into the studio and do all of that stuff, and they definitely cater towards me as a singer," he said.

"It's very collaborative, so it's a nice little fix for not being in a band anymore."But just because he has a musical past doesn't mean singing on the show is easy, especially when surrounded by pros."We've got people like Donna Lynne Champlin and David Hull and Gabrielle Ruiz who've all been on Broadway," he explained.

For doing drama and comedy, there's much less drama than comedy." RELATED: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Boss Explains Why Greg Is Gone for Good and What to Expect From Rebecca's New Reality But with Nathaniel's uber-strict workout regimen -- this is a guy who uses a glucose meter on top of counting calories religiously -- Foster doesn't necessarily get to pig out at dinners with his castmates. They were like, 'You're going to be shirtless this season, and you're going to be doing all this stuff,' so, I've definitely adopted Nathaniel's workout regimen as of late."It's a far cry from Cappie, the beloved character many still associate with Foster, even though the ABC Family show has been off the air for six years.