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Everyone always says that college is the best four years of your life.But there was another four-year chunk of a small group of people's lives that will forever stick out in our memory: the four-season run of .The episode was filled with happing endings (Cappie graduated! ), and hope for the future (Cappie and Casey are moving to D. Plus, he gave us an update on where Cappie is today! somewhere, living in an apartment, while she's trying to become…what was she doing?

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For fans who never rushed when in college for various reasons, offered the once-in-a-lifetime chance to find out what fraternity and sorority life was all about, the good (lifelong friends and awesome parties), the bad (rivalries with other houses and within your own house), and the ugly (hazing). But like college in real life, series finale, "Legacy." Obviously, spoiler alert for anyone who has yet to watch the series finale (which you absolutely should do! New KT president Rusty was planning to find a new KT house! Plus, we finally found out Cappie's real name: Captain John Paul Jones! C., still in love and going wherever the wind takes us. with Casey, living happily ever after."Yeah, we like Foster's theory better! Just like we couldn't pick out one favorite party, Foster couldn't pick either."The Great Gatsby—well, the Great party—was pretty cool," Foster says. There was a disco party that was fun where Cappie kept trying to have a three-way.

), but the hour tied up all loose ends and served as a true series finale, with everyone graduating from CRU—even the college-loving, real-world-fearing Van Wilder-like Cappie—and the iconic and beloved Kappa Tau house getting demolished to make way for a new university sports center. ), heartbreaking events (The KT house was demolished despite everyone's attempts to save it! Calvin was leaving his BFF Rusty for a semester to study abroad! It's been almost four years since the of the tears. News decided to chat with Cappie himself, Scott Michael Foster, about the bittersweet ending of the series we all loved and lost, to find out how he felt about the finale. Honestly, when I did last year, they were saying that's where Cappie went: he went to go work for a magazine in New York. "We all got to dress up in our Roaring ‘20s regalia, which was fun.

In the season premiere, we see a softer side right out of the gate, as Nathaniel finds excuses to see more of Rebecca Bunch, who is laser-focused not on her boss, but on getting revenge against Josh Chan, who left her at the altar in last season's finale.

Nathaniel's icy exterior and narcissistic tendencies aren't disappearing entirely, his life will just be getting more complicated -- and set to music.

offered the chance to once a week take a walk down memory lane, nostalgically transporting you back to a time when your biggest concern was who you were taking to your sorority/fraternity formal, or which house you were paired with for Greek Week, or how your house was doing in intramural sports that week.

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