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A spokeswoman said: 'We haven't been given a reason for the delay but we are hoping to do the recording later.'ITV said they had not been given a reason either, but were also hoping to record an interview before Clinton leaves Britain.

The US Embassy said it had not received any information about the former First Lady's accident.

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Jane Garvey, who had been due to interview Mrs Clinton on the BBC Radio show Woman's Hour, repeatedly told listeners she had been delayed.

She said: 'Hillary Clinton has been delayed this morning, as I've already said.

Trump alluded to her alleged issues with stamina at several points during the campaign.

Out for dinner: Before her injury Hillary Clinton was pictured out last night with Huma Abedin, the vice chair of her presidential campaign whose estranged husband Anthony Weiner is facing jail for sexting a 15-year-old schoolgirl She also famously fell inside her home in 2013 on the eve of testimony before a House Benghazi committee.

Hillary Clinton hobbled away from filming a British TV show interview on crutches Monday after breaking her toe falling down some stairs.