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He wrote: 'Supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton, but she's fallen over and her foot!!Gutted.'Later Clinton was due at the London Studios to be interviewed by entertainer Graham Norton, but failed to show up.It does look like she's not going to make it before the end of the programme.'I'm really, really sorry about that.

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After World War II, this terminology came to be seen as antiquated and has been mostly replaced by the gender-neutral term "single" (first recorded 1964).

In England and Wales, the term "bachelor" remained the official term used for the purpose of marriage registration until 2005, when it was abolished in favor of "single." In certain Gulf Arab countries, "bachelor" can refer to men who are single as well as immigrant men married to a spouse residing in their country of origin (due to the high added cost of sponsoring a spouse onsite), Over time, some punishments developed into no more than a teasing game.

Apologies.'Clinton underwent an x-ray this afternoon before deciding to appear on Norton's chat show.

Clinton, whose campaign to defeat Donald Trump last year saw her stumble and needing help from aides, had spent the weekend undergoing several publicity dates as well as receiving an honorary degree from Swansea University.

That's the situation.'Garvey later Tweeted a picture of Clinton's book in front of her BBC computer adding: 'I'd read the book and everything.