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Well, people are just sensitive to whether it might be a stereotype.If it’s well-written and well-performed, it can’t be a stereotype. I think people with accents have, in other films, been underserved, and I understand if people come into this film with a lot of baggage.

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But I don’t think that there needs to be any concern in that area, because the story and character [were] written and performed with a lot of love.

I knew that I had to protect this character, and I knew that even though Alexander and [co-writer] Jim Taylor have had a pretty good track record of writing very thoughtful and complex female characters, at the end of the day they are still two straight white men.

, Alexander Payne’s deep dive into a world where humans can be shrunk down to five inches.

But while Damon’s character, Omaha everyman Paul Safranek, introduces us to this brave little new world, the movie’s wild second half belongs to his new friend Ngoc Lan Tran.

T., the downsides of playing against stereotype, and how sick she is of answering questions about that accent. My first job out of college was at PBS as an administrative assistant.