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And I think what they were trying to say is that they were just very worried about what were doing. Lim: I think it was the way that we had positioned ourselves.So when we first came out, we went with a very copy-heavy ad. As a result, the people who actually bothered reading the whole copy were the type of people who we were trying to attract.Because I'm just so worried once they ask me what I do, they would know how the couple met and I’m not sure if the couple would be ok with me telling others.

I think there are actually two different hurdles to cross for singles.

The first hurdle is actually for them to decide to even use a dating service because maybe in their minds they think only people who cannot find someone on their own would use a dating service.

It’s just that instead of saying "I do" to getting married, you’re saying "I do" to getting divorced. Then when I was at the bank, I realized that my banker colleagues who were all very eligible, were alone only because they didn’t have time to date.

So I thought they would appreciate a matchmaking agency that catered to their needs and helped find them matches more efficiently.

It has since grown to incorporate online and mobile app dating services, and expanded across Southeast Asia, claiming to be the largest group of dating services in the region. To date, the Lunch Actually Group has more than half a million members in its database and has arranged more than 70,000 dates, with an estimated 3,000 marriages under its belt.