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I wrote message after message asking her what was wrong, but nothing. This site is fake and is an illegal operation designed to defraud people. I've taken several photos and placed them into Google pic online ( let's you search the Internet by pictures). With one liner question that will make you contact them again. They tell it takes time to get know a woman, and to build trust, and cite safety reasons, and a whole lot of bs stalling to keep you a member.

So I suspect that she is actually a Nigerian man like all the other "women" on this site. If the picture appears online Google will post the website. If you talk to a women and she is not talking about herself after you have answer 1000 of her questions then it's fake. Yes I did get e mail from very good look-in girls but they were 20 years younger than me!! If a girl is truly interested, she'll meet you after a few good email connections- I've done if plenty of times.

I've taken at least two of the pics of the convos I was having and found the profile pics were from a porn website. What women won't take the time to tell you about them. So I did a test with my sister and had her sign up as a worker for this site!! Especially if she's actually interested in a hookup. I'm also interested in pursuing or joining a class action against these crooks, for wasting my money, and especially my time.

I grabbed the pics the person used and the others that showed the porn star in action and sent them to the person I was talking to and letting them know they are a liar and karma will find them. Hard to do in this country as they want to hire out of country girls!! Concur, short email "replies" are robotic and ingongrous with the profile posted or the topic/question.

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