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An expert panel ruled that she and her husband, Oleg Karpov, had discredited and disrespected the traditions and values ​​of the Uzbek people, presenting "negative information, which may negatively affect the moral and psychological state of youth." Less than a month after the case had opened, Umida received a conviction for six months or imprisonment from two to three years in a labour camp.Protests against the sentence began in Moscow and Paris.

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Umida Akhmedova graduated from the Institute of Cinematography in Russia in 1986.

Her problems started because of her interest in documenting rural life in Uzbekistan.

What if I told you that Uzbekistan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world? You can taste local food and drinks at the Afsona Restaurant. The KT Komba is by far the most famous club in the city. If she wants to marry you, she wants to stay with you. Just click here to meet beautiful Uzbekistan girls.

And what if I told you that the women in Tashkent are more civilized than Borat? You can make 1243 selfies with her on Independence Square. But even there it’s difficult to find normal girls. Yep, that happens when the influence of the Western culture is even less than in Mother Russia. The women in Uzbekistan look more Asian than I thought. Just remember that this is NOT the same country as Kazakhstan, even though both end with stan.

There’s one thing that sucks about dating Uzbek girls.

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