Lucy hale and ian harding dating

People are rooting for us to date, but it will never happen," she tells 's June issue. " PHOTOS: Undercover lovers Still, Hale admits she doesn't have everything figured out when it comes to relationships.And I have to think to myself, ' Just chill out. His whole story is fascinating to me," she tells the teen mag.

According to My Domaine, Ian Harding and Sophie Hart share a common house together in Los Angeles with their two Labradoodles breed dogs Mochi and Bailey. Y0Qtr RJ — ian and lucy |Celine (@myidols_ianlucy) February 14, 2017 Since Ian has a loving girlfriend whom he has been dating for four years, it is pretty sure that he is not gay.

Both of them love to entertain and have intimate dinner parties. Although Ian has, expressed his pride at being labeled an Ezbian which denotes Ezra Lesbian, but he is the gayest straight guy in Rosewood.

Name a couple that you personally "shipped" on PLL? IH: One word to describe the finale: all engrossing, lovely, heartbreaking.

I don’t know, I was always a big Spencer/Toby [fan]. That sounds like a disease like, "I've got Spoby -- oof! What is one word you would use to describe the series finale?

Well, Ian Harding is no single anymore and has been in a relationship for the past four years.