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Transparent and honest, Casey and Meygan’s website, Marriage365.org, is filled with advice for finding hope for your marriage and all kinds of ways to “date” your spouse again.

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2) Find a matchmaking agency that will set up a blind date for you. Before you go on a blind date ask about a person’s values, and see if they match with yours. Find out as many details about your date as you can beforehand. If you don’t know what to talk about during your blind date, stick to 1) pop culture 2) current events 3) hobbies and interests 4) family. There is no way to know if the blind date is gonna work out, because when it comes down to bottom line it comes down to chemistry.

How to get out of a blind date if you are not having a good time? Even if you’re feeling the sparks on this first date, save the moves for later.

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