Sexwebcame - Kenyan pussies

You’re being challenged to be the person you tell us you are.

If you voted for him I do not believe that automatically makes you the enemy.

It came after he advocated for Muslims to be expelled and profiled.

It came after he chose a Vice President who believes gay people can pray away their gayness.

It came after the KKK and the neo-Nazis endorsed him.

But I won’t keep believing you if you remain silent.

I know you had legitimate reasons for voting for him; things that either real or imagined, genuinely moved you to your decision and that you wrestled with these reasons greatly.

But I don’t care about those reasons; not because I don’t care about you or value you or want to understand you or because I don’t respect your road, but because those reasons can’t help those who are hurting or threatened right now—only your response can.