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And here’s the thing, friend: If you were to say that you are okay with all of this, if you were to stand up to the bigots and the racists and the misogynists and the homophobes and the anti-Semites and the xenophobes—you will find that I will stand with you.I will live and work and worship alongside you, and you will find me a willing, available, and caring partner in the crafting of the future of this country. I will not hold your vote against you, because I trust that you arrived at that vote as carefully, prayerfully, and seriously as I did mine.Your affirmation of him and your elevation of him to this position, came with what you knew about him: It came after hearing the horrible, degrading, vile things he said about women.

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It comes with the expectation that you speak now to the marginalized, and that you reiterate their worth, hear their grief, validate their fear, and that you come to their defense in both word and in tangible support.

Friend, you may feel like you are being attacked these days, but you’re not.

So yes, I believe you are not the horrible things I am seeing from the hateful, vicious, intolerant few from the fringes, but that belief comes with the expectation that I will hear you now; that you will shout to the fringes that this is not what you meant by .

It comes with the expectation that you will tell the President and your elected officials and your pastors, that these things do not have a place in the country you desire.

You’re being challenged to be the person you tell us you are.